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Matthew was the kind of guy that girls tripped over because he was the guy that every girl knew she couldn't have. Maybe it was the challenge that drew girls in or maybe it was his natural charm that paired well with impeccable looks. His dark dreadlocks which often smelled of his latest culinary meal flowed across his mocha shoulders. Although his frame was quite slender his muscle toned arms and legs kept things in balance.As Nadia spoke to him over the phone for the first time after ignoring his calls time after time she knew what he was about. While listening to his ramblings in his heavy Jamaican accent she couldn't help but feel a strong sense of skepticism and a lustful curiosity.With each utterance that she could barely understand against her better judgement her attraction grew. Before the phone convo came to a close Matthew made a point to set up a meeting with Nadia, "So when is the next time you will be in town?"Nadia tried to play things down like she was unsure of her schedule, "I think I might be in town next weekend, but it depends, I' ll let you know".

The truth Sex Cams was she was dying to escape from her mundane routine and her lonely apartment, it was merely a futile attempt to come off as challenging. It was Saturday and Nadia was enjoying her temporary getaway from the norm. She spent the day laughing away and enjoying the company of her girlfriends, but at 12:00am the phone rang, and it was time for company to leave. After dropping off her girlfriend to her house, the next stop was Marjorie's Chicken and Waffles, Matthew's place of employment. The midnight hour left the roads barren and when she arrived to the town's famous chicken and waffle spot only security lights lit the area. When she saw him standing in front of the restaurant doors signaling her to come in, she knew what was about to happen, and she was ready. The kisses started out rough and awkward but then worked their way up to wet passionate ones. While engaged in this heated love dance of swaying caresses and sexual tension they landed their way onto a table. As she rolled her black stockings down, Matthew's hands worked their way up between Nadia's legs. Shutters and moans parted from her lips as she felt Matthew stroking her clit. She quickly grew tired of the foreplay and she wanted to get down to business. Nadia grabbed his rock hard erection guiding him with her body movements to communicate that she wanted him. "Do you have a condom?" Nadia asked. "Yeah." said Matthew as he finished rolling down his pants.

She leaned slightly up on the table and watched him as he rolled the Magnum onto his dick, admiring its size, and contemplating how it would feel once he penetrated her.  Once the condom was on he firmly pushed her back onto the table, spread her legs wide open, and worked his way inside. Nadia enjoyed how full he felt inside of her and the depths that he was able to reach. With each thrust she was blown away, as the table shook beneath her body, and as she rocked back and forth she just wanted it harder. He slid her body to the ends of the table and turned  her around. When he put it in from the back she felt him like she never felt him before, deep inside as she felt his balls hit the back of her pussy. As he wildly stroked her from the back he worked her sweet spot from the front with his hands. With each motion of his hands she felt a flutter and the louder she moaned, his fingers as well as his strokes kept up with the pace. The intensity of the friction inside of her grew and with one final motion she climaxed. Matthew felt her cum and sped up his stroke to ultra drive. As he pounded her she gripped the table to stay steady and with one last final thrust he came tightly grabbing her from behind as he released. When it was all over she knew that this was not the end. Fling or relationship she was going to keep this thing going as long as she could. Did You Read, The Fling: Nadia After Sex Part II?

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